If you live a life of the dreaded Evangelion Collector like me, then you know the angst and crave in my tone. If you're like me, then this post only re-states what you already know. Get ready, EVA fans, to be hit hard....very hard. Sure, being an avid EVA collector is draining yet we continue to yearn in its dedication (or exploitation) and beauty. So here comes a glorifying addition to the "Dead Sea Scrolls" of EVA brought to us in a whole other level.

Made by Fender and built by the renowned Yuriy Shishkov - Rei Ayanami Stratocaster and Telecaster, done, if I may say so, deliciously splendid. The Lance of Longinus inlays are stunning! And even the case makes a perfect finishing detail. Check of the specifications of these beauties here: http://www.fender.jp/evangelion/spec.html

These guitars will be auctioned off this December 1st (*frantically calculates budget*). I'll add more details as I find them and if anyone has more information regarding the actual auction, please contact me at eva001berserker@aol.com.


Ayu said...

One word comes to mind:

I N S A N E.



rakeback said...

Im saving my money for the white John Mayer Strat, which is 2k well-spent in my opinion.